Four Poster beds




For many people owning a Four poster bed has only ever been a dream because extortionate prices put a lot of people and are priced far out of a lot of budgets.  Here at Mattress Moose we can offer a number of Beautiful and contemporary Four poster bed frames at extremely competitive prices.

We have three Four poster bed frames Handmade in the UK by Get Laid Beds who offer beautifully crafted, simple yet elegant frames available in 17 different sizes! These range from a dainty 2’6” frame to a huge 9’ frame! These are also available in a number of different stain options and even hard woods so there will be something to suit every taste and style. Continue reading

Product of the month-Divan sets



Here at Mattress Moose we like to make the order process as simple and seamless as possible but understand the sheer amount of products we have on offer can sometimes be confusing.  Our range of Divan bases and sets for example has more than 40 different options to choose from!  So, with this in mind, we hope our blogs can assist in helping you to make an informed decision.

Our most competitively priced divan base comes from Airsprung.  This Divan base is available, similarly to our others, in sizes from a 2’6” small single up to 6’ Super King and sits at a height of 42cm.  This is our entry level Divan base and offers a choice of added storage in the frame.

If you are looking for a Divan set we have a number of options available from Esyy.  These high quality Divan bases come with the choice of mattresses from Open coil to Pocket sprung with a number of spring counts available to ensure you can get the matching set of your choice.  The mattresses available from Esyy also come with a number of different firmness ratings and storage options so the possibilities are endless!


Moose on the loose



I’m sure were all well aware of what a moose looks like but can anyone honestly say they know anything about them?  Firstly I’m sure you’ll all be astonished to know that adult males can grow over two meters tall and thats just to the shoulder, add his head and magnificent antlers they and they are pretty gargantuan!  Not to mention how much they weigh, even the females can reach over 1 ton.

Even with their colossal size moose are strictly vegetarian and live predominantly on shoots, leaves and aquatic plants and they can often get through around 32kg of food in one day.  They spend most of their days foraging for food and live very solitary lives and with a lifespan of between 15-25 years thats a long time to spend just walking and eating.

As well as being the largest mammal in the deer family they are also pretty quick and can run at up to 35 miles per hour.  Surprisingly they are also extremely strong swimmers and can reach speeds of 6 miles per hour and hold their breath underwater for 30 seconds.  These skills help them to cover as much ground as possible each day so they can eat their fill of leafy greens.

So there you go, you now know a little more about the humble moose.  Fingers crossed your new expertise come in handy in the next pub quiz.

Memory foam



We have a large range of memory foam mattresses available and sometimes this can make it impossible to choose the one that’s right for you.  There are full foam mattresses, Open coil memory topped mattresses and pocket sprung memory topped mattresses it can all be very daunting.  Hopefully by the end of this you will have a better idea of the difference between each of these and be able to make a more informed choice before purchase. Continue reading

Celebrities Who Look Like Mattresses – March Edition!



We have all heard of people looking like their pets sometimes but last year we caught wind of something even more strange – celebrities that actually looked like mattresses! (Don’t laugh, It’s real and it’s amazing).

So we at Mattress Moose HQ have decided to bring this back. Check out our blogs to see regular monthly updates for a new celebrity mattress looky likey! This months contender is….

Ellen DeGeneres!

Pictured here in burgundy and white checks, Ellen is known best these days for her daytime talk show in America – but what a lot of people don’t know about her is that she was named the Funniest Person in America in 1982 but only received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012!


Can Sleep Reduce Stress Levels?



Do you suffer from lack of sleep due to stress? Stress is the bodies response to the world around us. Whilst it is not nice to feel stressed it is important to understand that it is normal and everybody experiences it in one form or another. Stress can manifest itself in numerous ways and if managed properly stress can be reduced by making simple changes to your daily routine.

Deep breathing, healthy eating and exercise are invaluable recommendations to reduce stress levels but one of the most important things to consider is your sleeping pattern and whether you are allowing your body and mind the adequate rest it requires in order to function properly through the day.

We first need to recognise the things that actually make us feel stress. Once we identify these areas it becomes easier to tackle them head on.

Consider if you are in any pain. Do you sit down or lie down correctly? How many pillows do you use at night? Simply addressing these factors can lead to a dramatic improvement in your health. Perhaps it is time for a new mattress or a sturdier bed frame?

We recommend the “Backcare Supreme Mattress” by Kozeesleep as it offers orthopaedic support and has a Firm rating.

We also recommend the “Gemini Mattress” by Restus which also offers orthopaedic support and is also registered as firm – guaranteed to offer you a better nights rest thereby reducing stress levels during the day.

March Focus: Get Laid Beds Ltd


Get Laid Beds Ltd are one of our highest recommended companies if you are looking for a beautifully hand crafted or bespoke wooden bed frame. All of their beds are made by hand to order and can be dispatched in as little as one week for customers in need of a new bed fast!

They offer a wide range of frames and styles to suit all customer types whether you are looking for a contemporary bed frame such as their “Floating Bed

Or something more classic such as their popular “Traditional Country Bed

We are confident that you will be very happy with one of their high quality, hand crafted wooden bed frames available in Pine or a selection of hardwoods.

Which Headboard Should I Choose?


A Headboard is not just an integral part of your bed frame but it can also be one of the main features of the bedroom. As a focal point, the bed is usually the largest object in your bedroom so it is important to choose a headboard that looks right.

Whether you need a wooden headboard, a metal headboard or a fabric headboard made from suede, velvet or leather, Mattress Moose can help!

We recommend the Shaker headboard by Verona

We also recommend the Veneza headboard, also by Verona

What’s In A Dream?


dark_night___white_moon_by_ducatideluxe-d3bhmi2 (1)

We all have dreams when we fall asleep. Maybe not every night and maybe we can’t always remember them but they happen all the same. There are some dreams which occur more commonly than others and doctors over the years have attempted to define what each of these dreams could mean and explain what might be causing us to have them. Here are some of our most common dreams explained:

The “Falling” Dream : This is perhaps the most common dream and many doctors attribute the feeling of falling to us feeling out of control within certain areas of our daily lives. Perhaps in our jobs or relationships. Or maybe you are just about to roll out of bed!

The “Teeth” Dream: Have you ever dreamt that your teeth are loose? Have they ever fallen out completely? This is popularly classed as a classic anxiety dream. Another similar and equally common dream involves hair loss. This can be very distressing and doctors believe it can highlight underlying stress in your daily life.

The “Naked” Dream: Ever dreamt that you were suddenly naked in a crowd? At work or on stage? This is a classic dream meant to symbolise our vulnerabilities or insecurities.

The “Death” Dream: This is often believed to signify the desire to end something – perhaps a job or relationship. Death also symbolizes rebirth so it can also be associated with yearnings for change or new beginnings.

The “Being Chased” Dream: Although these can seem frightening at the time they are viewed as positive dreams meant to express our inner urge to stand and face a problem we have been running from ourselves.

There are many more, such as fear of flying, driving a car with no brakes, meeting a celebrity, everyone laughing at you etc…most of these are fairly simple to explain. If you have had any strange dreams why not let us know and tell us all about them?







Can Food Improve Your Sleep?


Many of us are familiar with the notion that eating food before bed is bad for you. Whilst this is certainly true of certain foods like cheese for example, studies show that there are actually some foods that help encourage sleep.

Some people have no trouble at all nodding off when their head touches the pillow. Others just can’t seem to stay asleep for very long. The following foods are believed to promote a better nights sleep because of what they contain:

Fish – especially Tuna or Salmon is rich in Vitamin B6 and contains melatonin which is a sleep inducing hormone that our bodies make to help us fall asleep when it gets dark.

Rice – particularly Jasmine rice is thought to aid sleep because it contains a high glycemic index and increases the level of Tryptophan in our bodies which again encourages the onset of sleep.

Cherry Juice – is rich in melatonin and studies showed that insomniacs would sleep better if they consumed up to 2 glasses a day.

Yoghurt – it is thought that calcium deficiency is a main reason why some people have difficulty falling/staying asleep. Where cheese is not recommended Yoghurt and warm milk on the other hand can work a treat!

Kale – whilst being a great source of fibre Kale also contains high levels of calcium which aids our bodies when we rest.

Bananas – these are particularly rich in both Vitamin B6 and potassium and this is needed to help us produce the melatonin our bodies need to fall asleep.

Chickpeas – these also assist the body to produce melatonin and have been regarded by sleep study doctors to be a great source of Vitamin B6.